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I'm currently 2nd Prestige and was wondering what is quickest way of ranking up I play solo or with my little bro on HC Dom I suffer from anxiety heavily so don't team with people but just wondered if there's a faster way I only play between about 6pm - 11pm due to work etc

Many thanks in advance for replies
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Damn you're 2nd Presitge already? That's impressive.
I would say control or dom is the way to go, although i'm only level 32 with a 2.19KD so I don't really have much of a say
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I've been playing a lot of Domination and TDM. It all depends on your performance in the game but I have noticed Domination has been leveling me up incredibly quick especially if you focus on objectives.

You could also try get 2XP codes from Monster cans or Pringles if you really want to maximize your EXP gains.
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I personally play Dom or KC its made with 2x exp
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Hardpoint /Dom is the Fastest way to rank up.
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Thanks for replies everyone

My KD isn't great I think it's 1.7 but I'm more of an objective player looks like I'll stick to HC Dom I prefer Hardcore this year health is too high for me lol
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