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I'm from Seattle, WA the rainy state where it always rains. Tho we never get hurricanes or tornadoes. The only time it gets really hot is summer, we seldom get snow. To top it off Microsoft Bill Gates is in Washington. And grunge Rock was born here Nirvana Kurt Cobain was from Aberdeen WA.

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I live in Lawrence, Massachusetts and what I could say is that it's very rich in history and also very cultural place as well!
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First and foremost, Maze is from my hometown which is amazing. He's a legend.
I live in the heart of the Silicon Valley, I hate it because it's crowded and not what it was when I was a kid, but it's known for being home to places like Yahoo, Apple, Tesla, Netflix, Google... pretty much any tech company you can think of.
It's a pretty crazy place to live.
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im from broward we got nice beaches and kodak black
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nothing really
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We had one of the biggest steelworks in Europe until it shut down.

That's all really
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Nothing special, just rains all the time
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Dundee, Scotland. Highest teen pregnancy in Europe

Population - 160,000
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Living in Iowa, there usually isn't anything special. In my city though we hold the Iowa Caucus, which is super boring for kids, and even more boring when you're an adult. The Caucus is only notable for people into it though. For people like me, the only notable thing we enjoyed were the river, and the state parks (nothing that anyone outside Iowa would recognize.)
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We have the ESPN headquarters as well as the oldest running theme park in America
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