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Hello TTG Members

Well since I've returned to this site last month and met a lot of lovely members so I will be doing my 2nd Gold giveaway! Just my way of saying thanks to everyone who's been helping me!

To enter just comment below who your favourite member is and why!

Show the community some love

Winner will be announced some time tomorrow!

+Rep & Thanks is much appreciated but isn't required to boost your chances

The Following 7 Users Say Thank You to JMG For This Useful Post:

Xbox (08-11-2018), Mikey (08-11-2018), oHusky (08-11-2018), BorutoUzumaki (08-11-2018), XavierWulf (08-10-2018), JPB (08-10-2018), maDz_Jr (08-10-2018)
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I'd have to say my favorite member is either DeadLizard or Mikey. Both are beneficial to TTG and it's member base.

Goodluck everyone!
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coolbunny1234 & Dusky <3
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Acetone is my favorite, he's what'd id say to be the realist friend i'ce met on here we talk banter all the time.
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PDM is my favorite. Known him for a long time and hes such a great member. Thanks for the giveaway!
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Gold just ran out yesterday.

My favourite member is the moderator Luke. He has been the biggest help to me.

Cheers for the chances nd giveaway man!
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Zesri because he's cool and a good graphics designer and Mortar because bad badmin.
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Prolly Rodent_modz cos he spans me with rep
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  • Winter 2018
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Yati wroteProlly Rodent_modz cos he spans me with rep
hey me too
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Gold you say? Count me in brother man!
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