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This is a good milestone and bad milestone at the same time. With that being said, I wanna thank everybody for the awesome memories and good times on the site. I have reached my last realistic milestone. Took me almost 7 years for this milestone and it was only this year where I decided I wanted to go for this milestone. A lot of you know I like my deep sky blue color and was one reason why I decide to not go for this but times change.

Now here is the bad part about this milestone. I will be going inactive for awhile if not permanently. I have a few reasons for that and one will not be named but for the people who know what I'm taking about, yea that did it. With the site becoming less active and my personal life becoming a main priority now I just don't care for the site anymore like I use to. I will come on the site to lurk, keep my top 5 spot and when needed sell items, however other than that this is a good bye.

I wanna say thank you to Tricks and Jay mainly for everything. I wanna thank the OG users who still use the site ex Greg,brigand,streamah,xecookie, Tom etc. You guys are amazing users and glad you guys are still on the site.

Anywho peace out

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Huge congrats dude, didn't know how close you were to top 5 posters but hope you can keep it for awhile.

Now, go to the casino; this may give you some luck, hopefully.........
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Huge congrats on the milestone Famous! Will be hard to see you home but all the best for the road ahead my man!
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Gratz dude!

Best of luck with the personal stuff
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Huge congrats on top 5 poster Famous, however I will dearly miss you homie! Hope all is well!
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Holy shit lad. Well done on one of the rarest milestones you can get on here now.

Means I gotta be active again now or I'm gonna be out..

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Congratulations on joining the most prestigious club here besides staff.

I know you been going for this goal for awhile and am happy to see you reach it.

I appreciate everything you have done for the community and time you spent as staff even though I may not always show it.

Hope to see you keep being semi active throughout the years.

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Congrats on the huge milestone bro!
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You do indeed love that blue color and it does look very odd without it (much like me and my cyan color) but gratz on top 5 man! I feel you on so many levels except you had a worse case then mine so I dont blame you for leaving. However in my eyes you will always be one of the best staff members. Glad I made the thanks list. See ya around bro!
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Thank you for your service bro, never spoke I don't think but mad respect.

If the site ever picks back up I hope to see you again!
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