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Hey all,

What do all you guys think of the new game by rare, Sea Of Thieves, I'm enjoying it at the moment.

It's really fun if you have a bit of imagination and a good crew to play with.

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GtaStar230 (04-10-2018)
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Its amazing graphics wise. COntent is a little lackluster atm but im sure itll be better over time. Kind of boring atm imo.
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I agree to an extent, but rare seems to be very active with their community and apparently a good few updates are pencilled in on their roadmap to improve many features of the game.
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It had a lot of potential at the start, i was hyped to get it, then once i played it for a 6+ hour session i realized the game was practically the beta with little to nothing added.

Maybe in the future if they get more players in a server so fights are more consistent, maybe ill go back to it.Or just something to keep me motivated to play, like fortnite has the season ticket with limited rewards. Until then its gonna collect dust.
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Enough to be at level 40 on all factions already lol
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Game is beautiful. I think the combat is atrocious though. I was expecting a lot more personally. It feels shallow and unfinished like most games nowadays though
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Not my type of game but I can tell the devs took time but in general the game is well made and I would say 8.5/10
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