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I personally wouldn't do it as I'm inexperienced. I would prefer a barber to do it..
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My dad cuts my hair, every time I go to the barber they **** it up.
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It depends on what hairstyle you have really
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I never have cause I can't cut hair at all just usually go to my barber
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No I don't think I would even try to cut my own hair lol. That would take a while to grow back which means for a while you'll be regretting it.
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I've given myself shape ups before but nothing more then that really lol
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I have started doing this cuz its alot cheaper and quick and saves going to the barbers every week and waiting to be seen to its just long lol, so i just shave my head for dat bald look
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I don't have enough trust in my self to do that!
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  • E3 2017
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a haircut isnt that expensive
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I cut my own hair as it saves me having to drive to a barber to get a cut. I just do a quick once over on a grade and then take off the guide to trim the loose bits around the ears, and then by positioning myself between two mirrors facing each other, I use my finger to act as a rule for evening out around the nape. The process takes 15 minutes and have had no issues so far. If I were to screw up with aligning the nape then I would just shave it all and go bald.
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