Vote for Game of the Year 2012

Halo 4
15.13% (274 votes)
Assassin’s Creed 3
9.94% (180 votes)
Far Cry 3
15.07% (273 votes)
Borderlands 2
6.52% (118 votes)
Mass Effect 3
1.27% (23 votes)
The Walking Dead
3.26% (59 votes)
Max Payne 3
0.55% (10 votes)
Forza Horizon
4.64% (84 votes)
Diablo 3
0.94% (17 votes)
Black Ops 2
42.68% (773 votes)

Total Votes: 1811

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I mean... It actually makes me mad thta so many people said BLOPS 2. It's such a bad game. Far Cry 3 or Halo 4 all the way.
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BlackOps2 The Best Game Out Of These Games
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Black ops 2 takes my vote.
Mostly for the zombies!
I would Vote Halo 4 a very close 2nd though.

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Black ops too i think
Only because they put alot of work into zombies
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My vote goes for Farcry 3.

This game honestly has won in my eyes for the Game of the Year award. There is just so much in this game that has won this title in my eyes. Whether it be the realistic graphics, game structure, the gameplay, the different ways of playing the game, the exploration, the massive amount of exploring space, the storyline, the character creations, the Multiplayer, the Co-Op modes, and so on, this game continues to win my heart every day. This game has really amazed me this year, and has definitely won the game of the year title in my eyes. The graphics are extremely well done, and very complex and each model is individually designed as it looks like. The gameplay never seizes to fail to deliver various ways of playing the game, various ways fo going about it, and various ways of enjoying it. The possibilities in this game are near endless, and there is really not a lot that you can't do. The skill tree is a very nice feature to it as well. You can play the game how you want, and it allows you to determine your game experience which is not seen in a lot of games. Overall, I feel that Farcry 3 sincerely deserves the Game of the Year title.
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Halo 4, but how come games like Fifa 13 and Minecraft arent on this list
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The Walking Dead. I have to be bias as I haven't played most of those games.
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Lets go #teamdiablo3
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My opinion would go to Halo 4, for its comeback of Master Chief, story, and multiplayer.
Agreed, I would choose Master Chief and RvB over Hitmarkers and the Mason family any day.
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Clearly Black Ops 2 is going to win, it's fun at times but other times it's just down right frustrating.
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