Members Ratings for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition (Vote [1] Low to [10] high)

6.79% (18 votes)
0.00% (0 votes)
1.13% (3 votes)
1.51% (4 votes)
3.40% (9 votes)
4.91% (13 votes)
10.94% (29 votes)
18.87% (50 votes)
13.58% (36 votes)
38.87% (103 votes)

Total Votes: 265

#81. Posted:
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best game ever now with sticky pistons
#82. Posted:
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Ive played it on the pc, but i dont think the xbox version is for me. i down loaded the trail but meh.
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Nice review PC will always have the best version
#84. Posted:
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Great review, I still think the pc version is better though!
#85. Posted:
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PC has a better version because the Xbox Edition is in the "development" stages. It's basically in the PC's beta. If you've noticed, Minecraft on the Xbox does not have the End Dragon, the End, Nether Strongholds, NPC Villages, Jungle and Swamp Biomes, etc. So yes, Minecraft on the Xbox may be boring compared to the PC, but it's taking the same vital steps that the PC version had to take. I mean, you have to start somewhere, right? So instead of just including all of the beta into the debut of the game, they decided to do it the same way they handled it on PC. They accomplished this, ofcourse, with the updates that brought new content to the table from time to time. I've played Minecraft on the PC for pretty much a year now. The basic blocks have changed many times. All in all, be patient because Minecraft on the Xbox will be as high and mighty as the PC version in no time at all.
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This game is definitely 10/10
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It's like sitting down and playing with legos and I love it!
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Good review man. Although some of those I disagree with you on.
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Great thread! Cool addition to the forum!
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I like how it is dubbed down a bit more then the PC version. It makes it good for beginners wanting to learn.
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