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GTA V Mission #12 -Did Somebody Say Yoga?

Tutorial Name: GTA V Mission #12 -Did Somebody Say Yoga?  

Category: Xbox 360 Achievements and Guides

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Michael participates in a Yoga-class with Amanda and Fabien LaRouche. When Fabien attempts a sexual yoga pose, Michael attempts to hit him but misses and falls into the pool. Amanda is upset and leaves.
Afterwards, Michael goes along with Jimmy to a Burger Shot. On their way back home, Michael drinks a drugged soda given to him by his son. Jimmy then forces his father out of the car, and drives off alone while someone off-screen drags Michael away, presumbably by a hobo. Michael then hallucinates being surrounded by monkeys, abducted by aliens, and then dropped off midair floating over the city.

When Michael finally wakes up, his clothes had been stolen and rushes back to his house. Upon heading into the kitchen, he finds a note written by Amanda, where she explains that she and the children have left for a while, since they can't stand Michael's crazy antics.


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I honestly found this mission to be quite annoying. The only cool part about it was pushing that idiot yoga instructor into the pool. The yoga segment was absolutely painful in my opinion