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GTA V Mission #3 - Repossession

Tutorial Name: GTA V Mission #3 - Repossession  

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Franklin and his friend Lamar are ordered by Simeon to recover a motorbike sold to a gang member who refused to pay. The two make their way to a suburban area where the target lives and search for the bike before Lamar triggers a gunfight with the owner's friends, also the Vagos.
A car enters the area and crashes, leaking gasoline, prompting Franklin to shoot the oil spill and destroy the vehicle. The owner of the bike escapes on it, and the Franklin and Lamar steal a car to pursue him. The duo kill him and recover the bike before returning it to Yetarian's business.


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While this was far from my favorite mission in the game i found it kind of enjoyable. The car chase was pretty intense if i where to say so myself.