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The Last of Us: All Optional Conversations

Tutorial Name: The Last of Us: All Optional Conversations  

Category: Xbox 360 Achievements and Guides

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There are 37 optional conversations in The Last of Us. Listening to all of them will earn you the "I want to talk about it" silver trophy. To trigger them you usually need to look at a certain object for a while. The triangle button must then be pressed to initiate the conversation. There are lots of other conversations in the game that do not count towards this trophy! The shown 37 conversations are the only ones that are needed to obtain the trophy.
You can also do this via chapter select. After listening to a conversation it will be saved immediately. There is no need to reach the next checkpoint. You can quit out to the main menu immediately and select a new chapter.
There is no way to see which conversations you have already completed. So make sure to do them in correct order! In the statistics section of the bonus menu you can only keep track of how many you have in total. Once it shows 37 conversations you should get the trophy.


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I have no idea why this is in the Xbox 360 tutorials section when it is a PS3 exclusive ._.