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MW3 Intel Guide - Persona Non Grata

Tutorial Name: MW3 Intel Guide - Persona Non Grata  

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There are 4 pieces of intel in this mission

1. As soon as you get down to the courtyard, look for a small alcove to you right, on the north end.

2. As you head down the street, look for an open house to your right before the street turns west. Inside one of the smaller room on an end table youll find the intel.

3. Soon after you go through the trapdoor to get to the UGV, look behind the huge shipping crate.

4. As soon as youre done with the UGV and have to "GET TO THE CHOPPER!", look for a playground slide to the left as you leave the building.


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As long as you are pretty observative this achievement really shouldn't be too hard. I managed to pick all of the intel up on my second run through of the mission