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How to fix a Xbox 360 that wont Power ON

Tutorial Name: How to fix a Xbox 360 that wont Power ON   Popular

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If you guys have a xbox 360 that wont power on, but has a good power supply, do the following before opening your system:

1. Take the faceplate off, and look at the usb ports on the front and back of the console, these things are cheap, and break easily.

2. Look to see if any of the pins are bent, if they are bent and are touching the grounding shield for the usb port, then the system will not power on; so bend those pins back away from the shielding, and put some epoxy or other filling material that isnt conductive into the port that is bad, so that you will not have to worry about causing that short again.

I used epoxy to fill in the port, and it works great know, I bought the xbox of a guy for $25 bucks, and it was worth the trouble.

By j8994

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