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How To Download Other Minecraft Maps On To Your Xbox.

Tutorial Name: How To Download Other Minecraft Maps On To Your Xbox.   Popular

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Minecraft Xbox360 How To Share Worlds and use others

Step 1 (Put xbox live gamertag on usb)

step 2 (Put 1 minecraft world you made on your usb)

step 3 (unplug usb)

step 4 (plug into computer)

step 5 download horizon thetechgame.com/Downloads/id=978/...v2530.html

step 6 (open horizon)

step 7 (Device explorer)

step 8 (go to profiles)

step 9 (go to your profile)

step 10 (drag profile into horizon)

step 11 (drag minecraft world you want to use into horizon)

step 12 (replace the profile and device id of the world you want to get with your current profile id and device id.

step 13 (close out of your account)

step 14 (rehash resign)

step 15 (drag the map you want to download on to desktop)

step 16 (then go to inject on horizon)

step 17 (find save on your desktop)

step 18 (close horizon)

step 19 (plug usb back into xbox)

step 20 (move to hdd)

step 21 (play minecraft)

Minecraft Xbox360 Map gamesaves

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Step 12: It says that the file for my world is invalid or something.
go on modio, R&R copy id, across from one of ur games u saved on ur xbox( and account)
then just put them on to the game save, then R&R gamesave, the just pop on to usb (Y), if get stuck message me on hotmail([email protected])
step 12 is getting me stuck can any one "dumb it down" for me