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No Man's Sky - The Sentinel Everlasting Milestone

Tutorial Name: No Man's Sky - The Sentinel Everlasting Milestone  

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No Man's Sky The Sentinel trophy guide. You will earn The Sentinel trophy for reaching rank 10 of extreme survival and getting the everlasting status. It requires 32 consecutive sols of survival on an Extreme planet. Dying or leaving an extreme planet will require you to start at Sol 0. You can't sit in your starship but you can stay inside a building or hide in a cave to be safe from the weather. You will need to occasionally refill your life support system. If you have the retail version of the game and do not have patch 1.03 installed, you'll just need to survive for 8 hours anywhere.

Possible Extreme Hazard Conditions:

Blue - Extreme Cold
Green - Extreme Toxic
Red - Extreme Heat
Orange - Extreme Radiation.

You can arrive on a planet with one of these hazards but not be extreme. Make sure the word "Extreme" is listed above the bar.

Extreme Sentinels - There is no status bar for extreme sentinel planets, but you will see it listed in red letters in the planet status box when you first arrive on a planet.


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