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No Man's Sky - How To Get Off the First Planet

Tutorial Name: No Man's Sky - How To Get Off the First Planet  

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No Man's Sky - How To Get Off the First Planet

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You'll begin the game standing near your broken ship. First, search your campsite gathering materials.

Two components on your ship are broken: the Launch Thruster and Pulse Engine. You'll repair the booster first. To do so, gather enough Iron from nearby rocks using your Mining Beam to craft three Carite Sheets. Crafting the sheets is simple once you have the raw materials... just point at an empty inventory slot and select them from the menu.

With the Carite Sheet you start the game with factored in, you now have enough elements to fix the Launch Thruster. Hover over it in the menu and select repair.

Next, you'll need to fix your Scanner and Analysis Visor. These are both part of your Multi-tool, so navigate to it in the menu. You'll see the requisite amounts of Carbon and Iron listed.

Gather more Iron from nearby rocks and Carbon from nearby plant life. Then go into your menu and fix the broken tools.

You'll now have access to the Scanner (L3). Using it, you'll need to gather Zinc, and Heridium, plus more Iron to make more Carite Sheets to repair your Pulse Drive. Zinc and Plutonium pop up with Yellow and Blue icons nearby...both typically grow on stemmed plants.

An icon should appear on your hub guiding you to Heridium. Don't forget you can run with R3 to cut down time on the rip. Just watch your Stamina. Also keep an eye on your Life Support bar and refuel it with red isotopes if necessary. Use your scanner liberally. Likewise, don't run out of red elements as you'll need them to recharge your mining beam.

Once you have the Heridium, Zinc, and Iron, craft the new Carite and then repair the engine.

Lastly, you'll need fuel: Plutonium for the Booster and Thamium9 for the Pulse. Use your scanner to find both nearby.

You're finally ready to fly. Take off with R2 and then point your nose skyward. Accelerate with R2 and use circle to boost. Zoom upward until you see the stars. Congratulations! you've reached space.


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