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Enable Guide Lines

Tutorial Name: Enable Guide Lines  

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A lot of people struggle with symmetry when they first start using Photoshop, but here's something that might help

Here I have a canvas set at 1920 x 1080, and I'm making a wallpaper with it. This is just the start of my project, but the first thing I do for this one, is add my text, I want it centered perfectly, and for those who struggle with lining things up dead center or having the perfect symmetry, here's how to turn on guide lines, and how to set them up.

Go to your bar at the top, and click "View" and select "New Guide" Like so:


And make sure to do it twice for both horizontal, and vertical:


Don't worry about the position, with your select tool, you can drag them in place, and they'll snap in the perfect center both vertically and horizontally when you drag them close, I set the background to a dark grey so you could see it easier, like so:


Now after that, if you make anything, text, logo, shape, object, and drag the center of said object, close to either of these lines, they'll snap to the center of it, so drag it to the vertical like, and it'll snap to the canter of the page, then drag it down still centered, and it'll center on the horizontal line too, like so:


My gif making skills suck, but still, you get the idea.

I hope this tutorial helps any of you looking to have better symmetry or center things easier And you can also have multiple of the same guides if you wanna mess around a bit with them, thank you for reading, and I hope I helped someone today


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This is really helpful for beginners. You can also just Hit CTRL + R and it brings up your ruler tool and does the same things as guide lines.


Sweet graphics tutorial man!