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Ninite Software Downloader

Tutorial Name: Ninite Software Downloader  

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This will be a simple software downloader tutorial, unlike the rest, it's not a bulky download manager or anything. It's simple, quick, easy to use, and mainstreamed to handle everything for you. And any software it detects to be out of date, it'll update for you. No captchas, no hoops to jump through, it's seriously too easy to mess up.

First, go to Ninite.com

You will be greeted by a simple clean webpage, with lists of software, all categorized neatly, like so:


I made my screen zoom out to capture it all, but yours should look bigger, for my example, I selected Firefox, and VLC media player for my example, two pieces of software I already have. And after selecting the software you want, and software you may already have that you wish to update effortlessly, click the "Get Your Ninite" button at the bottom, and it will download a small-sized file, set up to download what you don't have, the most recent versions, and update what you already do have. Every few weeks or so, run this .exe again to check updates for everything all at once. The software you downloaded from Ninite.com, will be named after the software you selected on the list, like so:


After running this software, it will download what you don't have, and update what you do have, there's also an option to "Show Details", which shows you the application name, and what's happening with it. Firefox was skipped because it's open and running, and it's also already at it's most recent version, and VLC was one version out of date, I made sure of that for this example, as shown below:


This software does everything one at a time, but doesn't wait for each individual thing. Such as if I'm downloading or updating 5 things. It'll download one at a time, but at the end of each, it'll begin installation, but it'll continue downloading onto the next, an example of such could be that download #4 just finished, and #5 started, but it's still only installing #2. It doesn't wait to finish installing the first, before downloading the next, and so on. It's mainstreamed and easy to use.

I hope you find Ninite as convenient as I do, remember to save the Ninite software to update your selected programs later, it couldn't be easier

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my tutorial


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