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Enchanted Arms cfw fix

Tutorial Name: Enchanted Arms cfw fix  

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i don't believe it worked, i searched Google for days, read every post and thread i found and all came back with ...well NOTHING! and the game can't be fixed! well guess what, it's fixable and it's quite simple ..the solution was right there, i'm not a hacker nor a programmer, i'm just a noob, maybe that's what helped? hehe anyway, i tried everything and almost every Game Manger out there, tried all the the settings/methods and patterns, but didn't work and i almost gave up and deleted the game

anyway sorry for the rant, without any further ado here. you're gonna need this:

webMAN (download the latest version)

I'm on Rebug 4.80
My Game Version: Enchanted Arms Special Edition [BLES00049]

Step 1-4
:...create an ISO compatible with your PS3 running a CFW using PS3 ISO TOOLS:

Extract PS3 ISO TOOLS V2.2
Launch PS3_ISO_TOOLS V2.2.exe
Choose your PS3 ODE or CFW Firmware version or just select the closest ( i'm on Rebug REX 4.80 ) i picked 4.76

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Click "Create ISO(s)"
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These are the settings i used on the second screen

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Click Continue at the bottom
Locate your PS3 GAME FOLDER to select a source directory (for example: ENCHANTED ARMS [BLES00049] )
Next select a Directory to save your converted folder (ISO) to.
Click OK to start the converting process

Step 2: Copy your ISO FILE TO YOUR PS3

Launch FileZilla and log in
Copy the ISO file to /dev_hdd0/PS3ISO
Step 3: How to launch the game

Power up your PS3 and on XMB click on the webMan Games icon
Go to webMan Setup
Select "PS3 webMan [GAMES]"
Now you can browse your games. one click on the Game's Cover
Now go back to your XMB using the "O" button on your controller
Now you can see the game loaded and all. just hit X and done!

hope that was somewhat easy to follow,i'm not an expert, but it worked. and just wanted to share and help ^^

Happy gaming you guys!


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