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Fix for the random PS3 Sign outs

Tutorial Name: Fix for the random PS3 Sign outs  

Category: PS3 Jailbreak and CFW Tutorials

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Are you one of those people that always get signed out of PSN randomly? Follow my simple tutorial on how to prevent these annoying, random PSN sign-out's.

Step 1: Open up 'Network Settings' on your PS3.
Step 2: Open up 'Network Connection Settings'.
Step 3: Go through all the options until you come across 'DNS Setting'.
Step 4: Select the 'Manual' Option.
Step 5: Enter these numbers: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
Step 6: Save these settings.

Now - you should at least stop being signed out. I am not sure if this works for everyone, however it is worth a shot.

If you have a CFW PS3 then it's best to update it to one of the most recent releases as it's more stable.
If you are using a VPN, perhaps find a more reliable one or stop using a VPN full-stop.
If you have a bad internet connection then I doubt this well help, there is nothing we can do about that.
If anyone has any other working methods then let me know and I'll put it in this post & credit you.

Give me some feedback on this, let me know if this works for you by replying to this post. Thanks.


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I've had Google's DNS servers in my router since the day I plugged it in. I still get random logouts from PSN at least 3 or 4 times a week. I also get connection to session lost to due to unknown network error without being logged out of PSN. Personally, I think it's a load balancing tactic they are not going to admit to. I now keep my phone handy with the playstation and ps messaging app open so I can see if it gets dc'd as well..but i've been to pissed to remember to check right away, after retrieving my controller from across the room.

I also can duplicate this several times. If I hang leaving the wardrobe screen...just a blur with music continuing to loop and it may or may not have the spinning loading icon, but it never goes to walking out the doors...I can still go to the system, logout of PSN, go back to game and it will kick me to story mode. I'll log back into PSN and the whole system will freeze. No system, no game, nothing. And I can repeat that 100% of the time when when the game hangs at the start of a heist setup or actual heist. Never in a regular job.