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How to format a external hard drive FAT32 for a Xbox 360

Tutorial Name: How to format a external hard drive FAT32 for a Xbox 360   Popular

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This tutorial will explain how you can format any external hard drive or usb device as FAT32.


Normally, you can only format a external hard drive or usb device as FAT32 if it is under 32GB's, but there are ways to anyways. You may want to know if you have bought a 250GB or 500GB External HDD to realize it won't allow you to format it as FAT32. FAT32 is the only file system the Xbox 360 can recognize other than XFAT.

The first thing you are going to want to do is create a partition as large as you want and format it as NTFS. After you have done that, you want to open up a command prompt, you can do this by hitting the start button, click Run and typing cmd.exe. Next thing you are going to need to do is check to see what drive letter your External Drive is. You can do so by clicking Start and going to My Computer. You should now see your External Hard Drive in a list somewhere in the name, should be a letter. Example: Local Disk (ESmile. You will want the drive letter, which in my case is 'E'. So now in your command prompt window, type 'format /FS:FAT32 [DRIVE LETTER]: ' and then hit start. You will then be notified that you will lose all data on the hard drive. Before continuing, back up ALL of your data on the External Hard Drive. After you have done that, type 'Y' and hit enter. This may take a while depending on how large your external hard drive is, the larger, the longer waiting time you will have. Once it is finished, you may now close the window and unplug/disconnect your external hard drive. Your xbox 360 should now recognize and be able to read the device.


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