One of the biggest surprises from E3 this year was that Fallout 4 would support user mods across PC and Xbox One. That's still in the cards, but it definitely won't happen at launch. Of course, that's because the tools that'd allow you to, say, replace the game's fearsome bear-like enemies the Yao Guai with 3D models of Yogi the Bear don't exist yet according to IGN. Publisher Bethesda more
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Rise of the Tomb Raider‘s temporary exclusivity deal has been discussed very actively lately, causing pride and anger from opposite sides, but third party exclusives aren’t the most important part of Phil Spencer’s long-term plan, as he explained in an interview on the Chinese website Gamecore.
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Xbox One update preview members are in for a download, as Microsoft just released a new system software patch, numbered xb_rel_1508.150728-2200. The patch brings tweaks under the hood, and we also get a notice about a new known issue with the Internet Explorer app, alongside a couple of workarounds, thanks to a post by Program Manager Emily Hanson.
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In what should come as no surprise to no person ever, Angry Birds 2 has already become a very popular game with mobile users. According to Rovio, within the first 12 hours of release, the game was downloaded over 1 million times. See the tweet for yourself below.
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Just announced at Gfinity, OpTic Gaming Gold Character Gear Set coming to Advanced Warfare on August 10th on Xbox. The gear set is an elite gear set to celebrate OpTic Gaming’s Gold Medal win at MLG X Games. The Gear Set will be available on Xbox first in Regular and Advanced Supply Drops, and coming soon to PlayStation and PC.
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Rocket League’s latest update is now live on the PC and PS4. This new update also fixes the achievements for the game on PC and PS4 in addition to various other fixes. Rocket League developer Psyonix Studios has revealed that the servers for the game are currently being flushed. If players see any error, they should ignore them as it is normal for now.
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We already knew Windows 10 was going to be popular. So much so that Microsoft reportedly purchased as much as 40 Tbps of bandwidth from content delivery networks (CDNs). The company was already hitting 10Tbps on July 28, when the update was only available to Insiders. Now, it seems that Windows 10 has gained even more users, with an estimated 67 million user more
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Ever since Apple dropped the price of its Apple TV box to $69 earlier this year, rumors have continued to hint at a new version of the device on the way, bringing some very significant improvements. It seems the new model may now be weeks away from its unveiling - but it also looks like the company's highly-anticipated new TV service won't arrive at the same time. According to B more
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Windows 10 officially launched on Wednesday, beginning its rollout to millions of PCs around the world. In the weeks leading up to the launch, Microsoft actively invited owners of Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs to 'reserve' a copy of the new OS in advance of its rollout, promising to notify them when their PCs were ready to upgrade. Microsoft rev more
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Destiny developer Bungie has brought down the ban hammer. Destiny PvP modes Crucible, Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris are good fun, but have their share of problems. Most prominent of these is lag, and more specifically, lag switching – a form of cheating which is very frustrating for innocent players on the receiving end of teleporting, invulnerable shottie-wielders. In the lat more
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