Just days ahead of the release of the Skyrim remaster, we finally have some actual gameplay footage to see whether the improvements that Bethesda promised at E3 this year will truly be delivered in the final release.But with over 20 minutes of gameplay footage that was just released for us to see, I think we can put all of our doubts to rest- it seems like The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Special more
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If you’re curious as to how PlayStation 4 Pro can produce better graphics, provide extra features and still play current games in the process, Mark Cerny has the answer. Speaking at conference at Sony’s San Mateo HQ attended by Digital Foundry and other outlets, PlayStation architect Cerny explained that in order to achieve this, the hardware has been doubled. The console will sport two more
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Telltale Games announced today that Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 1: The Order of the Stone, is now available for free on all of the game’s platforms. The Season Pass, Adventure Pass, and Season Pass Deluxe are now available at a discounted price to celebrate the first episode being free and the release of the Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Edition retail disc. You can watch more
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Today’s small tidbit pertains to the game screen, which unlike the Wii U’s gamepad, cannot be used as a second game screen. “Nintendo Switch is dedicated to deliver a single-screen experience, on whatever screen you might choose,” a Nintendo representative told Polygon. It will, as previously shown in the reveal video and through information handed out by Nintendo earlier this week, more
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Skyrim Special Edition is due out next week and Bethesda is making sure people know exactly why they should buy this game with a number of different videos. Yesterday we got a video that shows off just how pretty the lands that inhabit this world are now that they are coming to the PS4 and Xbox One. Now there is a new video that shows off what the game looks like, with even more looks at those more
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The Coalition has said it’s working on some “top level items” users have reported for Gear of War 4. One of the main standouts on the list of subjects was the implementation of harsher Quit Penalties. The studio said it was looking to including the penalties in an upcoming update. Due to the amount of legwork it will take, the firm seeing if it “can prioritize and have this come out more
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Yesterday, Microsoft published its latest earnings report, for the first quarter of its 2017 fiscal year (the third quarter of the 2016 calendar year), and it was a pretty good few months for many areas of the tech giant's operations. Its cloud and Office businesses saw healthy growth, as did its Surface hardware sales, but it was another disastrous quarter for its mobile business. There was more
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Waves of cyber attacks have hit domain management company Dyn, sending many popular websites offline for long periods of time. The attacks - which have thus far affected sites including Reddit, Twitter, Netflix, and Amazon - began at roughly 7 AM EDT, and continued for two and a half hours before a fresh wave of attacks began. The DDoS attack initially impacted users on the east coast of the more
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Analysts agree that Nintendo needs to price the Switch competitively to achieve success, and that price should not be over $300. With Nintendo’s reveal of the Switch overnight, many questions were left unanswered. That’s not necessarily out of the ordinary, though, as the company will probably trickle out details from now until launch. However, aside from questions about content, specs, more
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Nintendo have been the paragons of backwards compatibility and continuity through the generations- every single one of their handhelds has been compatible with the one that came before it (Gameboy Advance with Gameboy and Gameboy Color, Nintendo DS with Gameboy Advance, Nintendo 3DS with Nintendo DS and DSi), and their consoles from the Gamecube onwards have all been backwards more
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