CI Games' upcoming action-RPG Lords of the Fallen received a new trailer showing some exceptionally bloody duels to be found within the title. Lords of the Fallen is a action-RPG slated to arrive on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam sometime later this year; the new trailer can be found below!
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Infinity Ward has launched a title update for Call of Duty: Ghosts available for iterations of the game on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. The patch of course includes bug fixes alongside the usual style of tweaks but it also adds a new Chaos variant to the game's Extinction gamemode. Chaos was first used in the series within Modern Warfare 3 for Spec Ops mode where p more
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Tripwire Interactive's Red Orchestra 2 was 2011 PC Gamer's 2011 Game of the Year in the multiplayer category and has now been put up for free on Steam for gamers to keep within the next 24 hours. Unlike other Steam promotions that enable retail games for temporary usage this special fan promo allows gamers to snag the title and keep it IF they download and install prior to 4/24 at 10:00AM PST.
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Peggle 2 received a new master via downloadable content today named Windy, a spritely fairy that brings with her a special "Fairy Flock" power. Windy transforms blue pegs in the game into the score-boosting purple pegs and "simple shots" into ones that are bound to earn players additional chances. The Windy's Master Pack DLC includes 10 new levels, 10 trials, three costumes, three achievements and 30 o more
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Call of Duty 2014 is coming this fall, and a visual of an in-game character model was shown off by Sledgehammer Games at GDC last month. The image, which was posted by IGN, shows how “actual in-game characters,” will look. While it’s just a man’s face, it shows how next-gen the firm intends the game to look. It revealed earlier this year the f more
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Warface is now officially launched on Xbox 360, ending months of open beta testing. Developer Crytek has marked the release with a new Warface launch trailer, which shows off new gameplay footage and features in the Xbox 360 and PC shooter. The free-to-play first-person shooter entered open beta in late March. The PC version has attracted more than 25 mi more
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Mojang has released a new Minecraft video offering an early look at new environment creation tools coming as part of update 1.8. The new options will allow users to generate their own worlds with a large selection of parameters, which can result in some extremely bizarre landscapes, as the video below demonstrates. As Mojang explains, "There are 16 sliders which more
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Xbox Live Gold members can save some cash on NBA 2K14 and Need for Speed Rivals this week thanks to a series subscriber-exclusive price drops on Games on Demand downloads and associated add-on content. The Xbox One version of NBA 2K14 is $10 off this week, while the Xbox 360 edition gets a steeper discount, dropping it to $29.99. NBA 2K14's more
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Today Bioware released a gameplay trailer for their upcoming hit Dragon Age: Inquisition while also finally pinning down a exact release date of October 7th for the title. Bioware has commented in the past that they intend to fuse the best from their previous Dragon Age titles together in their next entry to the epic RPG series they have spawned. Dragon Age: Inquesition is the third major title within the Dragon Age franchise and is slated to launch on October 7th 2014 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.
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UK based studio Codemasters has lifted the seal on their upcoming title, Grid Autosport, today; the newest iteration within the series will arrive on June 24th in the states while euro players have to wait three additional days. Community Manager Ben Walke assured fans that the game had been built around community feedback received regarding Grid 2; the studio's wish is to provide a authentic racer experience. Grid Autosport will release in North America on June 24th and Europe on June 27th on the following platform: Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.
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