The Battlefield 1 open beta kicks off on Wednesday, August 31 worldwide on all platforms and there is good news for PlayStation 4 players. PlayStation 4 players will not need an active PlayStation Plus membership in order to play the Battlefield 1 open beta. The confirmation comes via Twitter by the official Battlefield account when a player said they did not have an active PlayStation Plus more
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Apple has announced the date for their next big event where they are expected to show off the next iPhone. Wednesday, September 7th will be the date of the big event. The new iPhone won't probably see a release until September 23th, but there are rumors of it releasing on the 16th, which doesn't necessarily make sense. The hardware that is being announced is not known. Last year saw the more
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Today, we get a first look the the Rush mode in Battlefield 1, thanks to YouTube user LevelCapGaming. The video below shows raw gameplay on the Sinai Desert map, which will be a map available during the open beta later this week. Rush is only limited to 24 players (12v12) in the beta, but the player limit will likely go up when the game launches. Along with the Rush game mode, Conquest will be more
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It seems as though the PlayStation 4 Slim will be able to support 5 GHz WiFi networks according to Twitter user shortman82. Previous PlayStation consoles were only able to support 2.4 GHz. As you can see in one of the images below, it shows a section that says, "Wi-Fi Frequency Band In Use" so that is proof there that the consoles supports other bands. To add more to the proof, the more
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Halo 5: Forge is making it's way to Windows 10 soon as announced earlier this week. 343 stated, "Halo 5: Forge is primed to bring Halo 5’s entire Forge level-creation experience to Windows 10 PCs, along with a suite of great new features, including full mouse and keyboard support, 4k resolution display capability, a brand new content browser to makes showcasing and sharing your creations more
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Part two of the Titanfall 2 open multiplayer Tech Test has started today and Respawn has detailed some changes that were made. Many of the changes added are regarding mobility, titan timer, Bounty Hunt, and some technical issues. The patch also adds a new map Forwardbase Kodai and ups the level cap. Respawn said, "Over this past weekend, we’ve heard a lot of passionate feedback from more
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arely, if ever, has there ever been a pre-reveal leak as thorough and extensive as the one for the PS4 Slim- at least as far as the Slim is concerned, it sounds like just about everything that could have been revealed for it has been leaked already. I actually feel a bit bad for Sony, who have doubtless been working hard on a reveal and launch for months now. The latest thing to have come out more
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Starting today through Thursday, September 1st, participating in Freemode events will earn you double RP and GTA$. You will also find discounts on select vehicles, vehicle mods, weapons and high end weapon finishes including gilded metal, luxury finishes and more. There is also a new Premium Race if you are looking to boost your earnings. The Vapid FMJ is currently available with a discount of more
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In an interview with Game Informer, EA’s Patrick Söderlund stated that Mass Effect remasters are likely saying, "we are absolutely actively looking at it." EA knows there is a market for it and it goes to show you that EA is listening to what the fans want. "What's changed is that there is proof in the market that people want it, maybe more than there was when we spoke. There were some more
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No Man's Sky on PC has significantly dropped since it's launch two weeks ago. The PC version has unfortunately run into a numerous amounts of gameplay issues. Due to the issues, many players have refunded the game within 24 hours of their purchase. According to SteamSpy's statistics, at launch there were close to 212,000. Jump forward to now, there are an estimated 20,000 players, that is a more
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