YouTube has launched 60fps support for its livestreaming service. Having launched 60fps playback some time ago, YouTube has now upgraded its streaming technology to support 60fps livestreams. The new system transcodes streams into 720p60 and 1080p60. You will need a browser that supports HTML 5 to be able to watch said streams. The HTML 5 player now also supports rewinding and va more
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Microsoft’s E3 briefing will clock in at 90 minutes, and the publisher is still figuring out how to fit everything in there. The Xbox media briefing at E3 2015 will be 90 minutes long. Xbox boss Phil Spencer answered a fan question on Twitter and confirmed the runtime. 90 minutes is apparently not enough, based on the number of games the company is bringing to the show. Spencer added in another tweet that more
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Mojang has released another security patch for Minecraft updating the game to version 1.8.5. A previous security update was released in April bringing the game to version 1.8.4. It was released after a vulnerability was found which allowed users to remotely crash servers. The update fixed reported security issues along with bug fixes such as issues with in more
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Microsoft announced the features of the June update of the Xbox One system software for preview members yesterday, but the first patch is somewhat smaller, as indicated by the full patch notes released in the private preview forums. As mentioned in the preview forums, if you didn’t receive it yet, you shouldn’t worry, because it will be delivered in two waves, and you might be in the second. Below you can see the patch notes of today’s update:
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Recapping all of the latest weapon and gear additions to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare over the past few weeks, Activision and Sledgehammer Games have put together a brand new gameplay trailer filled with high-action moments and cool so-mo shots. Earlier this week, a brand new set of weapon variants was introduced to Advanced Warfare. Dubb more
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Game hubs, which let users view curated activity feeds for individual games, have made the transition from Xbox One to the Xbox for Windows 10 app, while game DVR has added new keyboard shortcuts. You can even turn your Xbox One on and off using your Windows 10 device. Specific Xbox One updates are more minor. The Xbox One Digital TV Tuner is being tested in 11 new Euro more
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Yesterday EA teased a new release for their stalwart race series Need for Speed. Today, we got the first trailer and details. Guesswork pointed towards a revival of the Underground games, and whilst that has yet to be confirmed, the new game will feature “authentic urban car culture”. Sounds a bit Underground-y The new Need for Speed game is in development at Ghost Games, who mad more
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Today Sony Computer Entertainment Europe revealed a brand new trailer for the PS4, just in time for the beginning of the push for E3. The trailer is a giant sizzle reel of the best upcoming and recently released games for PS4 (exclusives or not), and invites to play “the best new generation games on PS4.” Funnily, the tit more
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Windows 10′s release on Xbox One will lag a little bit behind its PC release. Windows 10 is promised to change the look and feel of all of Microsoft’s products, Xbox One included. We’ve barely seen or heard anything about what that really means for Xbox One, and it looks like we’ll be waiting a while longer. Xbox boss Phil Spencer was chatting with fans on Twitter, as he’s known to do, and revealed that the official launch of Windows 10 in the summer doesn’t include Xbox One.
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If you’ve been looking to pick up a white Xbox One and missed the Sunset Overdrive bundle last year you’re in luck. According to Major Nelson’s blog the special edition white Xbox One Master Chief Collection Bundle previously only available in select markets, is making its way to the US later this month. The bundle costs $3 more
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