It looks like Microsoft wasn't lying when it said it had a lot planned for E3. The company previously said that it will focus primarily on first-party games, and is planning a different approach with lots of surprises. Xbox studio head Phil Spencer said that the Microsoft conference, which takes place on June 15, will last for an ho more
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Sony Computer Entertainment revealed today the line-up of games that will join the PlayStation Plus instant game collection in June, with the most prominent being Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes for both Europe and North America. Here’s the full list:
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During the Electronics Investor Relations Day 2015, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House talked about first party and third party games on PS4. First of all, House mentioned that Sony is working “very hard” to strongly support third party publishers and developers, and he explained that this is particularly important because the first more
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Yesterday, a companion app was announced for Windows 10 users allowing them to transfer Cortana to their iPhones and and Androids. The Cortana app will be able to do most of the things that Cortana does on PC and a Windows phone, and Cortana’s Notebook will be accessible across all of your devices. The limitations stem from it being ‘just an app’ so toggling settings, opening apps and summoning Cortana with a voice command won’t be available functions for the moment.
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The first bit of information on FIFA 16 will drop tomorrow, May 28, EA Sports has announced. The news was tweeted by the firm this afternoon. FIFA 16 was announced as in development back in August 2014 along with FIFA 17. In March, Amazon Italy listed FIFA 16 for release on September 24 for PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Likely, tomorrow’s details will just be a taste of what’s to come, as EA will more than likely save the biggest part of the announcement for its E3 2015 presentation on June 15.
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Earlier today a listing popped up on the Xbox store with a May 29 release date for the ODST campaign in the Master Chief Collection. Apparently, the listing was a balls up. The tweets came from the Halo account on Twitter, no doubt prompted by the coverage of the listing that was spotted on the Xbox store for the campaign that had a release date of this Friday more
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Destiny’s new PvP-focused event Trials of Osiris isn’t even a week old and it’s already being hit by reports of cheating. Most complaints are surrounding lag switching, which makes it appear as though enemy players are teleporting across the map. This particular issue usually emerges when Iron Banner, Destiny’s other PvP event, is around and is hard to d more
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With the introduction of the Apple Watch, Apple not only introduced a new product but also new technology within its own product portfolio. The "Digital Crown" and "Force Touch" sensor are two features that have created a simpler way of navigating a device. With the release of Apple's latest Macbook featuring Force Touch, it's very clear that Apple intends to bring Force To more
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Supermassive's PS4 exclusive horror game Until Dawn will be released on August 25. The release date comes with a new trailer for the horror game, which you can check out above. Preordering will get you an exclusive bonus scene starring two new characters. Motion capture for the game has been done by actor Peter Stormare
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The third DLC pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Supremacy, will release next week on Xbox platforms. It contains four new multiplayer maps all featuring the new Exo Grapple mechanic and the continuation of the Exo Zombies saga with Bruce Campbell joining John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Rose McGowan and Jon Bernthal in Carrier. Here’s information on each map:
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