Xbox Live social services including friend list, party chat and logging in are currently suffering from connectivity issues on Xbox One and Xbox 360. At the time of writing the Xbox Live Status page does not currently reflect the problems, but we can confirm that the service is having difficulties. The Xbox Support Twitter did acknowledge service problems as well as down detector. Xbox Live and PSN took a hit last year when the Lizard Squad were running rampant but it seems the group is back to their old tricks once again.
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Star Wars: Battlefront will take place during the original film trilogy’s timeline, according to a report from the Associated Press. It appears the information was posted ahead of time, (via Kotaku) as the report is written in past tense. According to the report, players will take part in “frenzied shoot-outs between up to 40 players” with the option to choose either the Rebe more
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More GTA 5 information has been posted by modders poking around in the files of the PC version. This time, instead of zombies and horses, textures for the Army Cavalcade, Feroci and SuperGT vehicles have been found. New leaked vehicles Barbarian, Detonator and Tampa are also mentioned in the thread. A screencap of the files was posted on more
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In order to counteract spam and phishing accounts on Steam, Valve has introduced Limited User Accounts. These are user accounts that have spent less than $5 USD on Steam. If you happen to have a Steam account but have never spent money or only received games as gifts from friends you’re following unfortunately this means you won’t have some key features on Steam. These restricted features include:
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A developer has exposed a vulnerability in Minecraft's code that can crash any server hosting the game. The easily triggerable exploit, which involves flooding the server with infinitely looping requests for information about a specific inventory slot, brings Minecraft to its digital knees and starves the machines of CPU and memory. more
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Modders have managed to pry GTA 5′s file lock open and expose many of its interesting innards. GTA community modders have gained access to several of GTA 5′s archives on PC. These files were previously believed to be inaccessible. Popular modding tool OpenIV, which was used in editing files in GTA 4 (hence the name), has recently been updated to more
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Xbox Live social services including friend list and party chat are currently suffering from connectivity issues on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Luckily gameplay seems to be unaffected, excluding those features that require the use of the friend list. Below you can check out the current Down Detector status, showing the spike in reports of the issue. The official Xbox One status page is at the moment unavailable as well, plagued by runtime errors.
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Electronic Arts revealed a first look trailer of the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront game. The game launches on November 17th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-orders are open for the game through EA's Origin service and as well as Amazon and Gamestop. Customers who pre-order will have early access to the free Battle of Jakku DLC on December 1st before it's released to everyone on December 8th.
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That's according to financial research site Bidnessetc, which claims various sources have confirmed that Microsoft are eager to land an early access deal for its two consoles. It will apparently follow in the same vein as existing deals with the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare series, appearing a full month ahead of other platforms when it comes to more
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Not factoring in Valve games, GTA 5 is the new king of concurrent player numbers on Steam. GTA 5 is very popular on PC, even more popular than games like Skyrim in its heyday. The number of concurrent players for GTA 5 has peaked today at 301,246. This makes it the only non-Valve game to ever reach that record, beating Skyrim’s record of 280,000, which was also achieved on launch. The numbers are all the more impressive when you consider the phenomenon that Skyrim was, and the fact that this is the third time GTA 5 has been released.
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