Destiny PvP will get a bit of a shakeup when patch 2.1.1 drops next week. Arekkz breaks it down in the video below, but for starters, players will no longer have special ammo at the start of 3v3 matches, but will have to search it out after kick off. This move is designed to end the death-within-seconds-of-match-starting thing, which can be really frustrating. 6v6 modes will continue as more
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The Chinese New Year starts on Monday, and Valve is celebrating the Year of the Monkey by hosting a sale. From today through Friday, February 12, the Lunar New Year sale will offer various discounts and today’s highlighted deals include:
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A Double XP Weekend kicked off earlier this afternoon for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 players. Earlier this week, the Awakening DLC for the shooter released on PlayStation 4. It came with four new multiplayer maps: Gauntlet, Splash, Skyjacked and Rise along with the new Der Eisendrache Zombie experience. Along with the new DLC pack, a patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was released more
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Next week is shaping up to be rather fun already, at least for GTA Online players. Starting today and running through next week to February 11, players who “invest time” in VIP Work and Challenges and the Featured Playlist will double their GTA$ & RP earnings – and in the Running Back Adversary Mode February 6-7. There will be plenty of discounts available on cars, helicopters and more
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One of the upcoming DLC drops for Rainbow Six Siege will feature a Japanese operator. Ubisoft Japan has released a sneak peek at an upcoming operator for Rainbow Six Siege. The operator, as you migth expect, will be part of the Japanese Special Assault Team (SAT). The company’s Twitter account posted a single image of the operator carrying an assault rifle. The description is in Japanese, more
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The zombie thriller H1Z1, popualr on Steam’s Early Access program has been in development for consoles for some time now. Today, some huge details were revealed by Daybreak Game Company about the future of the game on PC and consoles. First off, the current version of H1Z1 available to PC users will be going away from the marketplace. One version of the game will officially launch on PC and more
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The Xbox One, thankfully, allows for its internal on board storage to be augmented with external hard drives- I say thankfully because all games must be installed on it before they can be played, and games are massive in file size- when patches alone can be nearly 20GB, the total space taken up by a single game can often be 60, even 70GB. With this new hard drive for the Xbox One, released by more
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Earlier last year, we learned that Bethesda was resurrecting the DOOM franchise. And although we were only treated to a teaser trailer, it looked like Bethesda and id Software would be doing the franchise justice, but it really wasn't enough to get a feeling for the game. With the game's debut looming ahead, Bethesda has released a new 'campaign' trailer that shows off the title and offers up more
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The Division beta led to the unexpected result of people being worried that the map may not be big enough- but on the whole, that worry may have been unfounded, if this new comparison of its map with the map of some other open world games is to be believed. The methodology used is a bit shaky, but on the whole, the comparison covers all bases- so we know that the map size for Fallout 4 and The more
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XCOM 2 doesn’t have controller support on launch. Unless you have a Steam Controller. Firaxis has announced that it’s been working with Valve to add native Steam Controller support for XCOM 2. The feature is available starting today, launch day, for anyone with the controller. This is just an initial configuration, however, and Firaxis said it’s looking for feedback as well as other more
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