On February 25th, Microsoft will be hosting a Windows 10 event. The event will be held in San Francisco, with the Phil Spencer the Head of Xbox making an appearance. Those attending will be getting hands on with titles launching this spring on Xbox One and Windows 10. Expect to hear more on Quantum Break, along with other Windows 10 games, Killer Instinct and Gears of War: Ultimate more
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Microsoft released four more games to the backwards compatibility list. The four games added are: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Trials HD, LEGO Batman and Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space. The list is ever growing ever since Microsoft announced they will be releasing games as they become available, instead of a set release date. What games are you wanting to see added? Let us know more
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Crash Bandicoot, where are you? The last time the franchise was in the hands of its original creator, Naughty Dog, was in 1999 with Crash Team Racing. It’s been in a few other hands since then, published by Activision and developed by companies like Radical Entertainment. Now, Sony seems to be teasing some sort of return for the anthropomorphic bandicoot.
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The PC-exclusive XCOM 2 has had a pretty successful first week of sales on Steam, as data reported by Steam Spy reveals. The site tracks owner data for games on Steam, and shows that well over 500,000 users already own XCOM 2, which launched last Friday. The game has earned both critical and fan acclaim, and the average playtime for owners is currently sitting around 14 hour. XCOM: Enemy more
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Fallout 4’s latest update went live for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 today, following PC, and Bethesda took to Twitter to demonstrate some of the latest improvements made with the update. In the short video below, you can see a demonstration of the new object fading distance in action. Compared with before/after footage, some of the early parts of Fallout 4‘s wasteland seem to be greatly more
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re you having fun with all of the fighting game news today? I sure am. After a healthy dose of some Street Fighter, here’s some Tekken news for you to chew on- we’ve got a brand new trailer of the seventh installment in Bandai Namco’s 3D fighting game series, and the game looks pretty damn great, as it has been ever since its inception. The trailer shows off multiple characters, as well more
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Capcom has released a new Street Fighter 5 introduction trailer, and it’s for flashy matador Vega. Well, he’s not really a matador as he uses various fighting moves, but bullfighting techniques have been incorporated into his repertoire. Previous introduction videos for Street Fighter 5 include Ken, Zangief, Nash, Necalli, Karin and FANG. Below is another video giving you a look at more
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Be My Valentine update for Grand Theft Auto Online is now live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The update brings back the Albany Roosevelt in an updated form and a bunch of new clothing and accessories - along with the return of everything from the previous Valentine's Day update. Also coming back is the Gusenberg Sweeper, which is a Tommy Gun style machine gun that was only available back more
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You may notice some new weapons and gear when you boot up Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 today, as the Black Market vendor updated with brand new content. Three new guns, two melee weapons and over 18 pieces of personalization gear and now available to be purchased with Cryptokeys or COD points. The Black Market is not accessible on Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 versions of the game. Check out some more
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Once again, PlayStation is putting the fate of an upcoming PlayStation Plus title in the hands of the players. If you want some input into one of March’s upcoming PlayStation 4 titles, you have a chance via PlayStation Stores’ Vote to Play campaign. The games competing for the spot include Free Lives’ Broforce, RageSquid’s Action Henk!, and Witch Beam’s Assault Android Cactus. While more
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