The latest game to join the ever-growing list of backwards-compatible titles is SSX, the 2012 reboot of the classic snowboarding franchise. It didn’t exactly set the world on fire at release, but reviewed fairly well and was stacked with social features which seemed pretty fancy at the time. SSX joins a list of games added earlier in the week: Domino Master, DuckTales: Remastered, Hexic 2, more
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PlayStation 4 has sold over 40 million units worldwide as of May 22, Sony announced today. Those figures are sold-through to customers, not sold-in to retail. In other words, there are over 40M PS4 consoles in homes across the world. PS4 games, both first and third-party titles, have sold 270.9 million copies at retail globally and through digital downloads on the PS Store. “We are more
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Microsoft doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes it did with Xbox One, specifically in terms of overall power against the competition. With yesterday’s reports of Microsoft working on not one, but two new Xbox SKUs, a lot have started wondering about the sort of power Microsoft wants to achieve with the Scorpio. In Polygon‘s report, the site’s sources revealed that Microsoft is more
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Sony isn’t the only one seemingly planning for a more powerful console with 4K resolution support. According to sources speaking to Kotaku, Microsoft is planning to do the same with Scorpio. This is the code name for a 2017 iteration of the Xbox One which will have a more powerful GPU that can support Oculus Rift (whom Microsoft is pursuing a partnership with). This year will see the release more
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Thurrott just concluded a podcast, where they discussed the future of Xbox hardware- and contrary to a lot of speculations, it sounds like the future of Xbox hardware is very bright, with multiple Xbox branded products on the horizon- far sooner than one might thing. Microsoft apparently have multiple new Xbox products in the wings- included in these is what was referred to as an ‘Xbox 2,’ more
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Microsoft’s E3 press conference this year remains an enigma- they have a lot of major games announced for the coming year, including anticipated games like Crackdown 3, ReCore, Scalebound, Sea of Thieves, Halo Wars 2, and Gears of War 4, plus naturally, they have some unannounced surprises too – a new Xbox model is rumored, as well as a new controller – but there have been very little leaks more
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Citra is an upcoming Nintendo 3DS emulator that will allow users to play their legally backed up copies of Nintendo 3DS games on their PC, offering high resolution support among other features. This emulators is currently work-in-progress and gets updated frequently by the development team. The latest update to Citra 3DS has finally added the long requested audio support at a basic level. Citra more
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Microsoft has added six more Xbox 360 games to the list of titles that can also be played on the Xbox One via its backwards compatibility feature. As always, the new additions were announced on the Major Nelson Twitter account. One of the games is XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the sci-fi strategy game from Firaxis and 2K Games that will be free to download for Xbox Live Gold members from June 16-30 as more
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Along with the NX, Nintendo seems to be working on a new portable as well. According to Yahoo Japan, the portable will be called the “MH” and it will be separate from the NX. An investor note to Morgan Stanley contained the information. On Twitter, user ZhugeZX stated that, “NX is a home console. Nintendo’s new portable console has the code name MH.” He further followed up by more
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H1Z1: King of the Hill will be adding a brand new Ignition Mode, developer Daybreak Entertainment announced today. The new mode resembles Battle Royale the most, but it comes with its own unique twist- Ignition starts each challenger off with their very own ATV and a pack of explosives strapped to their body. Players get a limited amount of time to scavenge weapons and supplies, and then make a more
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