According to Sledgehammer Games co-founder Michael Condrey, it appears that the studio has settled on the number of ranks and Prestige levels that will be achievable in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer. On Twitter, Schofield tweeted this image of what we think is the 7th Prestige symbol. He also wrote, “50/15,” which sounds a lot like the number of ranks/prestige levels that will be in the game.
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Bungie has released a title update for Destiny, it announced on Monday. Specifics for the update or any changes that it makes have yet to be announced, but the developer has issued a warning for anyone who experiences a connection error as the update is rolled out. "Pardon our dust! Destiny is being updated. You will be returned to the title screen to install a title upd more
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Last week, Rockstar finally revealed the release date of the new-gen versions of GTA 5. Much to the letdown of many PC fans, the developer announced that the PC version will arrive just over two months later than its PS4 and Xbox One counterparts. Rockstar today however provided an -albeit usual- explanation for the delay. The developer posted a reply on the official blog to the fans wondering about the PC more
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IGN First continues today with a reveal of a multiplayer game mode that was announced during the reveal. It’s called Momentum, and is Sledgehammer’s take on War mode, which was in World at War and Call of Duty 3. Tug of War meets Call of Duty in “Momentum,” a game mode Advanced Warfare brought back from Call of Duty 3 and World at War.
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When word spread last week that Microsoft was considering a purchase of Mojang and its gaming titan Minecraft, fans were concerned about the game's future. Would Minecraft become an Xbox exclusive? Would it be locked to Windows Phones going forward? In a video discussing the acquisition, Xbox chief Phil Spencer said that Microsoft would continue to help develop Minecraft on all the platforms that made it a $2.5 billion brand in the first place.
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Microsoft announced it's bought Minecraft studio Mojang for a deal worth $2.5 billion. The buyout will see Mojang founders Markus "Notch" Persson, Carl Manneh and Jakob Porser leave the Swedish studio. Both companies confirmed the acquisition this morning, with Head of Xbox Phil Spencer noting Microsoft's "long seen the potential of Minecraft more
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Here's what the latest Xbox Live service alert does say: "Are you experiencing issues when you try to sign into Xbox Live? Our team is already investigating these reports and we hope to get things back to normal ASAP! Thanks for your patience while we get this worked out. We'll update you on our progress in 30 minutes." The alert m more
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Microsoft is all set to announce a $2.5 billion deal to buy Mojang, maker of Minecraft on Monday. The deal, which has been rumoured since earlier in the week, is being aimed at bringing more users to Microsoft’s mobile platform rather than the PC or Xbox, according to Reuters. So far, Microsoft hasn’t commented on the deal, saying that they don’t like to more
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GameSpot has posted their newest episode of Aim Down Sights, their Call of Duty show developed in partnership with Activision. In this week’s episode, Xbox Live’s AceyBongos joins the host to give us an in-depth look at the Xbox One Advanced Warfare Special Edition console.
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Prominent Dubai retailer Jumbo Electronics has announced plans to unveil custom PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles made of rose gold, claims regional news outlet Emirates 24/7. According to the report, the console is being crafted by Italian jeweller Gatti and will initially be available for purchase at the ongoing Games14 conference in Dubai. If you'r more
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