At Minecon, Mojang listed a wealth of new features that would be coming to Minecraft in future updates. Dual wielding will allow players to equip items in both hands, or allow left handed players use the left hand as their main. Shields will also be added soon, allowing for more defensive options. Enchanted arrows are also coming, though more
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As one of the particularly popular racing titles to come out of the last generation, Criterion Games’ Burnout Paradise crafted a lovely and addicting open-world racing title that became a big hit, and hopefully its brand of sun-soaked racing will be coming to the Xbox One, according to its developer. Developer Criterion Games revealed through Twitte more
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Everyone was expecting an announcement for the WWE 2K16 cover reveal during RAW this evening but 2K couldn’t contain themselves and have revealed the star already. They’ve only gone and put legendary WWE Superstar, the “Texas Rattlesnake” Stone Cold Steve Austin on the front cover! With his role as the cover star he’ll be contributing to the many features of WWE 2K16 and will of course be a part of the largest on-disc roster of all time. Here’s what the man himself had to say on the matter –
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Below is the list of the Xbox One Summer Sale games, some amazing discounts of up to 67% with a few free games from the Games with Gold, plenty here to keep you occupied during the coming weeks and months! This is a fairly hefty list, so for convenience I have put it in alphabetical order for you all, enjoy those discounts!
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Fallout 3 mod creator Zealotlee has announced their intention to return to the scene. Their first project is a Rail Rifle. Writing on the Bethesda forums, Zealotlee said the gun will be imported into Fallout 4 as soon as the RPG’s mod tools become available. Given how central mods have been to Bethesda PC games in the past, it’s great to see content already popping up for Fallout 4, which rele more
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At this year’s Minecon, Microsoft have announced the next version of Mojang’s cult block classic: Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition. As the name suggests, the game is built with Windows 10 in mind, and will take advantage of many new features that the new OS brings. Also, all current PC owners will receive a free copy of the new edition, and the beta starts on July 29th.
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We’ve known about Telltale’s and Mojang’s partnership project for a while now: an episodic adventure series set within the world of Minecraft, but today we have our first glimpse of the game in action. “Minecraft: Story Mode is an adventure game, by Telltale Games, set in a Minecraft world.” reads the video description. “It is a five-part episodic series that will take you to the Net more
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FIFA 16 cover (pack shot) featuring Leo Messi. This is the official FIFA 16 global cover. The other cover stars joining Leo Messi on specific country covers will be announced on July 10th – after FIFA 16 Cover Vote ends. FIFA 16 will be released in September on PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
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Between yesterday and today Microsoft released two new system software updates of the Xbox One for preview members, focusing on fixing issues related to the party app and parental settings. Below you can see the patch notes for both, directly from the private preview forums:
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One of Sony’s storied SNES PlayStation prototypes has surfaced, and it’s not sitting on a museum shelf or languishing in one of the company’s cellars. Instead, the console was spotted in what should have been it’s natural habitat: someone’s home. Images posted overnight on Reddit, and cross-posted on Assembler Games, show what was at one time a collaboration more
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