The head of the Xbox brand, Phil Spencer, wanted to give his impressions on the new machine of Nintendo. Nintendo Switch occupied most of the news yesterday and Spencer has not missed a single detail about the last event of the Big N. The executive is a big fan of the brand and is not really excited at the arrival of a new titles Of Zelda and Mario. From his personal Twitter account he left his more
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With the Nintendo Switch's price and release date finally revealed at an event in Japan, finer details regarding the console are slowly emerging. According to Netflix's customer support, the Nintendo Switch does not support popular TV and movie streaming service Netflix. This could be a major blow to the console. Netflix has more than 80 million subscribers the world over. It's even more
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Phil Spencer comments positively about two upcoming Xbox games, Crackdown 3 and Phantom Dust. Today Microsoft Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer took to Twitter again to respond to questions from the fans, and he had some comments to share about the upcoming games Crackdown 3 and Phantom Dust.
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The most appealing part of the Nintendo Switch from a hardware perspective is its switching capability- the way it can seamlessly turn from being a home console to a portable to a standalone gaming unit, without having to fiddle with wires or connectors. We’ve seen the Switching in motion a lot- but we’ve never actually seen it in real time so far. And there’s always some skepticism more
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Part of the Nintendo Switch’s forthcoming paid online service will be a “monthly game download,” an offering seemingly similar to Microsoft’s Games with Gold and Sony’s PlayStation Plus. Here’s the description of the service from Nintendo’s site:
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Sony did its role fairly good enough with the launch of its mid-generation PlayStation 4 Pro console. It’s now Microsoft’s turn, and 2017 definitely appears to be the year for Project Scorpio. Yet, the head honcho of Xbox is not sure if its upgraded current-gen console will the show this year. Responding to a fan query on Twitter as to whether Project Scorpio would appear before the E3 more
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Back in December last year, Windows Insider Preview build 14997 leaked online, and it didn't take long for enthusiasts to spot the existence of a "gamemode.dll" file in the operating system. At the time, the file was redundant, but it alluded to a feature that would eventually allow gamers to improve the performance of their games. Gamers and users currently running Windows 10 Insider Preview more
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Nintendo has revealed a first look at the user interface for its upcoming Switch console. During its Switch-themed Treehouse Live event broadcast earlier today, the company obliged viewer requests by providing a tantalising glimpse at the system’s menu system. Unlike its predecessors, the Wii U and Wii, Nintendo has instead opted for a flat look for the Switch’s icons, with the UI more
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According to posts by MrEarthboundFan on Reddit, there is more hidden content that has now been discovered in the Modern Warfare Remastered files on PC. Previously, these individuals leaked originally the codes for a supply drop system and possible new melee and ranged weapons. In today’s leak, they have revealed that the previously rumored KAM 12 and XMLAR weapons now have Weapon Kits more
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Nintendo spent quite a bit of time going into detail regarding the Switch’s controller, namely the slide-on Joy-Con that can either attach to the sides of screen or detach and act as smaller motion controllers. All that technology isn’t cheap though – according to Nintendo’s site, a single Joy-Con controller will cost $50. It would be cheaper to go for a pair at $80 but that’s still more
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