Nearly 80,000 people are playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 1. Treyarch's Five-year-old shooter is enjoying a huge surge in players since being added to Xbox One backwards compatibility (Anyone shocked?) It's worth noting that Black Ops is currently 75% off with deals with gold so if you don't have it grab it while its cheap! Xbox's Larry Hryb confirmed that Call of Duty: Black Ops was now more
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The original Call of Duty: Black Ops will soon be available on Xbox One through backwards compatibility. No official announcements were made. Instead, Eurogamer spotted a listing of the game via the Xbox 360 dashboard that reads, “COD: Black Ops – Now Plays on Xbox One.” This likely appeared ahead of schedule, as is usually the case, but it means fans will soon be able to play more
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Another report on the upcoming Nintendo NX has emerged, and this one is probably going to end up worrying a lot of Nintendo fans who are hoping for Nintendo to make a play for the larger console market with this new machine. According to this new insider report, the Nintendo NX will not be the powerful, PS4 beating console that a lot of earlier reports and rumors have made it out to be- instead, more
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Ah, Steams sales. Love them or hate them, you cannot resist them. Prepare your wallet, body and mind because this year’s Steam Summer Sale dates have been allegedly leaked by a developer on Steam, according to NeoGAF user Bluth54 . The screenshot (see below) states that the Steam Summer Sale 2016 will run from June 23 until July 4. We have no official word from Valve yet, so take these more
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Many Xbox Live gamertags have been claimed during the early days of the first Xbox, and then never used again. Microsoft announced via Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb that that “nearly one million” of those nicknames will be made available again on May 18th. "Starting on Wednesday, May 18th @2:00pm ET / 11:00AM PT, we will begin releasing nearly one million Gamertags to our valued Xbox Live more
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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare may have received a lot of hate from the usual quarters on the internet – the debut trailer for the game is currently the most disliked trailer for anything in history on YouTube – but that is not deterring developers Infinity Ward, who are going ahead with the development of what it sounds is the game they have wanted to make for a while now. Speaking to more
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EA have confirmed that their upcoming, highly anticipated Battlefield 1 will have microtransactions in some form- unfortunately, it will have these microtransactions on top of an existing DLC plan. The confirmation comes to us courtesy of EA’s earnings call for its Financial Year 2016-17 forecast, where EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed the publisher’s plans to introduce multiple monetization more
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Battlefield 4’s fifth DLC pack, Final Stand, will be free to Xbox Live Gold members this Wednesday, May 18, according to a listing on the Xbox One Community Calendar app. Spotted by Reddit user Trentandmike, the DLC will be free for all Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One, although it isn’t yet clear whether it’ll also be available on Xbox 360. Final Stand includes 4 maps – Giants of more
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The rumored PlayStation 4 “NEO” will release the month before PlayStation VR drops, at the very least, according to a French multimedia distributor. In the latest financials posted from Innelec Multimedia, the company said it expects “the evolution of the Sony PS4 console Neo 4K” to release during the first half of its fiscal year. Here’s the quote: “The 2016/2017 current year more
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Deus Ex: Human Revolution was the first backward compatible title for Xbox One to support multiple discs and users can expect more “multi-disc scenarios” in the future. This is according to a comment made by Major Nelson on reddit who said the backwards compatibility engineers worked hard to bring the multi-disc game to Xbox One. Microsoft said fans were asking for the feature, and its more
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