Minecraft developer Mojang launched its latest game, Scrolls, in full today. Scrolls is now available on PC, Mac and Android tablets, with an iPad version expected to arrive "some time in the new year." The card hoarding game pits players against one another on a hexagonal battlefield, earning gold and acquiring spells, enchantments and other strategy-boosting goodies. Scrolls ent more
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Minecraft is already available on myriad platforms ranging from its native PC to the PlayStation 4 and the iPhone, and now the hyper-successful sandbox exploration hit can also be found on Windows Phone devices. Like other versions of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the game is abridged in comparison to its PC and console predecessors, but does include both Survival more
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Overall retail sales for new hardware, software and accessories saw an 11 percent drop in November 2014, versus the same reported period last year. For most of 2014, software sale declines have offset year-over-year hardware spending, however, this November, "hardware declines totaled $294 million while software declined $17 million or 2 percent," NPD Group analyst Liam Ca more
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Alongside cash and credit, Microsoft will now also accept Bitcoin in exchange for digital content, including music, movies and games on its Xbox consoles and Windows devices. Bitcoin fans wanting to use their money on Microsoft's goods have a few caveats to keep in mind. First, you can't directly exchange Bitcoins for new games. You'll need to transfer the Bitcoins into more
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Season Pass owners for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 can get the new "AE4" directed energy assault rifle and it’s custom variant "AE4 Widowmaker." The new weapons will be available to non Season Pass owners with the Havoc DLC sometime in January. A date for when PlayStation and PC Season Pass owners will have access to the weapons has not yet been announced. Activision released a Havoc DLC Early Weapon Access trailer showing off the new weapons, feel free to check it out below.
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Following a purported Galaxy S6 AnTuTu benchmark test that leaked online last week and revealed many of the phone’s most important specs, a second image showing a similar benchmark test has popped up online, via Dutch website, listing the same set of specs for the upcoming Samsung flagship handset. According to the leaked image (available belo more
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An update for the Xbox One version of Twitch has added in-depth filtering options. The app now allows viewers to set specific parameters in order to find a stream that offers exactly what they're looking for, rather than just random or popular streams. According to a post on Microsoft's Xbox Wire blog, each Xbox One game has its own bespoke search filt more
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EA has made classic PC city-building game SimCity 2000 free for all Origin members. The game is the latest offering in EA's On The House campaign, which regularly gifts free titles to players. Released in 1994, SimCity 2000 is the sequel to Maxis' original SimCity, and is still widely thought of as one of the best games in the series. In order to claim their free copy of SimCity 2000, EA asks that users set up more
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Bandai Namco has released a new 60fps trailer for Tekken 7. The trailer offers two minutes of in-game footage, with a variety of characters squaring off against each other. Earlier this week the studio revealed a new character set to star in the game, a girl in a cat costume called Lucky Chloe. Following a successful location test period in October, the arcade version of Tekken 7 is d more
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Microsoft has announced and confirmed the latest discounted games for Xbox One and Xbox 360 in this week's Xbox Live Deals with Gold. Peggle 2 is the featured game on Xbox One with Plants vs Zombies being the featured game on Xbox 360. These deals will last the week of December 9th to the 15th. A full list of the discounted games can be found listed below.
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