Windows 10′s release on Xbox One will lag a little bit behind its PC release. Windows 10 is promised to change the look and feel of all of Microsoft’s products, Xbox One included. We’ve barely seen or heard anything about what that really means for Xbox One, and it looks like we’ll be waiting a while longer. Xbox boss Phil Spencer was chatting with fans on Twitter, as he’s known to do, and revealed that the official launch of Windows 10 in the summer doesn’t include Xbox One.
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If you’ve been looking to pick up a white Xbox One and missed the Sunset Overdrive bundle last year you’re in luck. According to Major Nelson’s blog the special edition white Xbox One Master Chief Collection Bundle previously only available in select markets, is making its way to the US later this month. The bundle costs $3 more
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The Xbox One’s instant resume feature has been reported to cause some corruption in The Witcher 3′s save files. A few reports on Reddit and The Witcher 3 forums have cropped up yesterday of users losing save progress when putting their Xbox One consoles on standby while the game is running. The issue can be manifested in a coupl more
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Battlefield Hardline developer Visceral has announced the Criminal Activity DLC will be released in June for Premium members. As previously announced, the DLC will contain new weapons, gadgets, and four maps. Here’s a list of what Criminal Activity contains:
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Earlier in the year, we saw Microsoft toying with a reduced price for the Xbox One, putting it at $350 (instead of $400)-- a price that hasn't changed since. This reduced price put the Xbox One in a more competitive battle with the PlayStation 4 which up until last month had been outselling the Xbox One in the U.S. on a regular basis. Sony won't be laying around while Mi more
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Cable cutters in the U.S. and Canada rejoice, the Xbox One has finally received its planned over-the-air tuner so owners can watch TV even if they don’t pay for cable. The tuner is available for $59.99 by itself if you want to buy an antenna separately or already own one, but Microsoft is also offering a bundle for $99.99 that includes an antenna as well saving more
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Microsoft has been heavily promoting the fact that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for consumers running Windows 7, 8 or Phone 8.1 when the OS is released later this year. While the company is clearly pushing this 'free upgrade' announcement to make sure they can hit their 1 billion users benchmark, in a post on the company's Australian P more
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H1Z1 had quite a lot of cheaters, judging by the number of players who got banned this week. Daybreak president John Smedley and his staff are on a campaign to end cheating in H1Z1, as well as the sites that provide said cheats. Smedley announced yesterday that the developer has banned 24,837 accounts from the game. Smedley named one site that’s known to the H1Z1 community as a cheat provider.
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Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has fired up his Twitter account once more to answer some questions from eager Xbox fans. Ahead of the coming E3 a lot of fans are eager to know more about what games will be revealed but this time the Xbox head replied to a question regarding bringing Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One. The Xbox 360 brought us an a more
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Offering discounts on game bundles and season passes for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, the Extended Play sale began today in the North American PlayStation Store and is expected to run through Monday, May 25. Featuring additional discounts for PlayStation Plus members, here’s the full list of deals this week in the PlayStation Store, priced in USD: Extended Play Sale (Sale Price, PS+ Price)
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