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Dungeon Defenders Modded Save

Download Name: Dungeon Defenders Modded Save  

Category: Xbox 360 Modded & Fun Saves


Submitted By: x562x

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Item description:

lvl is 2000000 all the mods with the BALLSMGEEEE562 name r mine i created them ( if they r not named BALLSMGEEEE562 they r either not mine or not fully upgraded) modded weps for every class modded pets modded armor

i made a new save with 4 character 4 that are 2000000(ALL MODDED STATS) and the other 4 are different modded levels (not modded stats)

Tutorial for unlimited Defense:
ONLY WORKS on SQUIRE and apprentice i forgot if i hav the code on the app. ( xbox got taken away so i need to check)

Step One: place a bouncer blockade or any defense (FOR A SQUIRE)
Step Two: start the round and sell the bouncer blockade or watever u put down (ONCE U SELL IT U SHOULD HAV MAX MANA)
Step Three: ur done and put down all the defense units down u want
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Not a Chance

"Dungeon Defenders Modded Save" | Login/Create an Account | 8 comments
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not even level 20000000 :(
how do i get it to open from my flashdrive on my xbox
Does this unlock all achievements
when i load it into the game, it keeps saying "save data is damaged and could not be loaded"

KYKKIS2 wrote:

Does it work on PS3????????

Well it does say xbox 360
Does it work on PS3????????
does it work for ps3
Awesome game save