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XeLL Reloaded

Download Name: XeLL Reloaded  

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Submitted By: xbox360tuts

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Item description:

Besides the "Reset Glitch Hack" there's another big announcement!
Cancerous, [cOz], Ced2911,GliGli, RedLine99 and Tuxuser are proud to release today the first official version of XeLL-Reloaded (Codename: 2Stages)

Here's a list of the major improvements:

* Its divided in 2 stages:
- 1st Stage initalizes the Hardware, uncompresses and executes 2nd Stage
- 2nd Stage (based on LibXenon) loads all required drivers and does the usual "XeLL tasks"
* XeLL is based on LibXenon now
* XeLL is running with all CPU cores activated
* Optimized CPU Usage
* TinyEHCI is used, delivers full USB 2.0 speed when acccessing mass storage media
* lwip network stack upgraded to v1.4 rc2 - It's faster
* It can access the DVD-drive via DMA now: faster reading
* It's possible to reload into XeLL now when you are inside a LibXenon Application
* Refactored ELF Launching Code - shouldn't have issues when executed via XeLL-Launch
* New HTTP Webinterface
* Proper hardware init / shutdown (e.g. after XeLL Launch)
* Supports upgrading XeLL with a XeLL-2Stages binary from USB, named "updxell.bin"
* Infinite bootloop when looking for ELFs to execute
* Parses / decrypts keyvault (either with real or virtual CPUkey)

For now, there is still a little work to do on the nandflasher so this feature is disabled and a update will comes in the following weeks.
If you have a Jtag console, you can update XeLL with tuxuser's apps : XeLL Updater or LxNANDFlasher (Use at your own risks).
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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what was before reloaded? was it just xell?

automickirby wrote:

wtf duz this do anyways lol
kid gtfo !!!
wtf duz this do anyways lol
this one is **** up !!!
posted just at the right time.