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No Man's Sky - Asteroid Fields Mod

Download Name: No Man's Sky - Asteroid Fields Mod  

Category: PC Game Mods

Author: Lo2k

Submitted By: RepBandit

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Item description:

I was never really fond of the way game was drawing asteroids : they were everywhere with no real empty space and they were popping-in at a very close distance in a very unpleasant way.

This mod heavily changes this :

- Completely different repartition of asteroids in "fields".
Asteroids are not everywhere but gathered into fields that can be quite long but not very large. And rest is empty space. A raw estimation is 70% of empty space and 30% of asteroids. You can clearly see if you are close to the edge of a field and choose to enter or leave it. Also this new repartition leads to a scarcity of large and special (crystal) asteroids. They seem to tend to group in small space portions in the middle of the biggest fields. So you will need to enter a field and look deep into it to find some of them.

- Greatly improved draw distance.
You can enjoy being in the middle of a "vein" and look at all the asteroids up to the point they are almost disappearing in the distance. You can still see them popping-in but it's so far away that it doesn't hurt that much anymore, and you can run at full speed through the vein with a complete perception of all the asteroids coming to you (screenshots above don't do it justice).

It also adds some little details:
- Asteroids can be present close from space station
- Crystal asteroids give twice the ressources (from 15 to 30 at best)
- Slightly increased crystal asteroid size
- Slightly increased asteroid rotation max speed

Installation : simply copy&paste the pak file into your NMS GAMEDATAPCBANKS folder

Edit : Added a Large Asteroid version.
This is just a test file, draw distances are not so great but you can play with it and try to fly through some field without touching anything :)

Edit2 : I also released a mod to increase damages caused by asteroids to player's ship

Note : Asteroids can be tweaked a lot of different ways and each player have an idea of how he would like asteroids to be in-game.
This is my vision of how asteroids could be done differently and enhance the experience, but I will make public my notes to let all the modders deal with asteroid settings the way they want
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Nice little no mans sky mod you got here.