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Mod Dungeon defenders

Download Name: Mod Dungeon defenders  

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Submitted By: MASTER123

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Item description:

Hello its a mod i have created for Dungeon defenders (XBLA)

The mod :

- The weapons do much more damage.
- Super jump.
- The limit of towers to place is very high.
- The towers do more damage and have more life.
- Cabinets and enemy loose epic equipment.
- The dealer only sells epic equipment.
- We made ‚Äč‚Äčlots of money by selling the epic equipment.

Tuto :

1/ Download and decompress (My archive)
2/ With wxpirs (in the archive) decompress the game, the file"9DC78DA532F1CAE1A5056473675BECF649E1261058"
open this file and push "extract all" extract it anywhere.
3/ You have lots of file whose a default.xex, you place all the files on a folder.
4/ You replaces "Coalesced_INT.bin" is on /Folder of the game/
UDKGame/CookedXenon. The file is in my archive.
5/ And you transfert the folder to the HDD of your JTAG and you launch the "default.xex"

I have a jasper 512 freeboot 13146 + dashlaunch 2.22 and its work.

If he don't work verify your console is in english.
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hey dude i need some help i dont understand it do you think you can make a video on this so we can all understand it ive been sitting for hours trying to figure it out and i cant
Your instructions are not very detailed. It is extremely difficult to understand what you are trying to say by (My Archive) (Archive this and that)I need detailed instructions on how to locate the specific file: "9DC78DA532F1CAE1A5056473675BECF649E1261058" Where is this file located