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Black Ops Zombie Gpd V2

Download Name: Black Ops Zombie Gpd V2   Popular

Category: Xbox 360 Modded & Fun Saves

Author: TTG-Miinto - Itz Minto x

Submitted By: TTG-Miinto

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File Type: (Rar file)

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Item description:

Welcome To Zombie Mods V2

Up = Noclip
Left = God
Down = Toggle speed: 100 - 500
Right = Zeus Canon
Right Trigger = Attack & Add ammo (Unlimited ammo)
Back button = Drop weapon

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"Black Ops Zombie Gpd V2" | Login/Create an Account | 48 comments
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how do i get it to work tell me
This will help me do Easter eggs on this game?
how do I get the rar file on the usb stick then I can play it on the xbox360 black ops?

harkdhaliwal66 wrote:

liambo117 wrote:

How can i put it on my Xbox Live account please say :)

dude if you dont know how to put in on your own account msge me on youtube akaballer99 or if you have psn msge me on their bushido1928

Try using Gmail which is very basic....


goko855 wrote:

offline or online?

Offline, if you try online than you will get banned.
This GPD file does not work any more
follow damodder420 he has an epic tut.
This gpd didn't work for me :(
How Do i Change My GPD i dont know

michaelmk2s wrote:

idk how to hack ._.

its easy if u know how...
damaged file
offline or online?