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Borderlands 2 - Mod tool

Download Name: Borderlands 2 - Mod tool  

Category: Xbox 360 Editors & Tools

Author: Dack

Submitted By: SOG

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Item description:

How to use:

1. Download and install Python 2.7.3 (Kepp the Python Install Directory to the default location)
2. Download the Borderlands 2 Mod Tool.
3. Extract the 'SaveGame.sav' from your SaveXXXX.sav file. This can be done by placing the SaveXXXX.sav into Horizon and clicking 'contents'.
4. Create a folder and place all of the contents in it.
5. Rename the 'SaveGame.sav' which was extracted from SaveXXXX.sav to something other than SaveGame.sav, E.G: 'Save.sav'.
6. Run the application (The application will require .NET Framework 4.0).
7. Where it says 'Data Location' navigate to the FOLDER which contains all of the contents (the application, & your save).
8. Where it says ' Name' leave it as (if you've change the file then modify this)!
9. Where it says 'Game Save Name' input the name of the savegame.sav you renamed (E.G: Save.sav).
10. Modify the save how you like.
11. Click "Mod Borderlands 2".
12. Wait for the DOS to close and you should then see a file in the directory which contains all of the information named 'SaveGame.sav'.
13. Replace the SaveGame.sav within the SaveXXXX.sav contents (using Horizon).
14. Rehash and resign your save.
15. Move the save to your USB/HDD.

What this can mod:
Backpack Capacity
Inventory Item Levels

Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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does this work at all? anyone?