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Borderlands 2: Level 61 Siren with modded items

Download Name: Borderlands 2: Level 61 Siren with modded items  

Category: Xbox 360 Game saves

Author: xxxAcid

Submitted By: Smurfs

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Item description:

Here is a level 61 siren that has playthrough 1 and 2 fully complete including all DLC and all challenges are also complete so is ready to jump straight into the new "ultimate vault hunter"
all curencies are maxed
maxed out skill tree
unlimited ammo for all weapons
backpack now contains a few of the new weapons and relics
bank contains many modded guns and items such as rainbow relics, modded class mods etc.
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"Borderlands 2: Level 61 Siren with modded items" | Login/Create an Account | 6 comments
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You have to have a previous save on your flashdrive in order to do this. so create a level 1 or something and put it on your flashdrive or copy a character from your xbox hard drive to your flash drive. than go on modio drag in the paper file than click save to your flash drive and than load up borderlands and it should work. if you need further help send me a message on xbox DeathbyDerpage. ( this save is xbox only )

CaptainNemo wrote:

i figured it out lol. thanks for the save :)

how did you figure it out i still cant
i figured it out lol. thanks for the save :)
I cant get it to work keeps corrupting my save. what program should i use. I am using Horizon right now?
Thanks great gamesave, can you come out with more of the other classes please, and some more guns/ grenade mods. Thanks!!! :D