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How To Hack A Hack Wii 4.3u It Only Works For 4.3u
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Resident Elite
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Ok So It Will Take A Little Bit But It Truly Works And If you want to Show Appreciations For This Thank The Topic U Dont Have To But Only If U Want Thank Smile

Ok So This Is What You Do:

This Is Letter Bomb Tutorial

LetterBomb System Menu 4.3
1. Go to //
2. Select your System Menu Version
(4.3U 4.3E 4.3J 4.3K)
-Enter your Mac Address
(Wii Options, Wii Settings, Internet, Console Information)
-Select Bundle the HackMii Installer for me!
-Enter the Captcha
-Cut the red wire
3. Download & Extract LetterBomb
4. Copy boot.elf & private folder to the SD Card 5. Insert the SD Card into Wii
6. Go to the Wii Message Board, Go to yesterday
7. Select LetterBomb
Hackmii Installer Loads

Part 2 - Install The HomeBrew Channel and BootMii
1. Press 1
2. Install the HomeBrew Channel
HW_AHBPROT automaticly installs instead of DVDX
3. Install Bootmii
Format the SD Card
1. Download & Extract to SD Card
Step 1 - WAD Installs
Warning: Never Uninstall IOS, You Will Brick Your Wii
1. Start HBC, Press Home, Launch Bootmii
Multi-Mod Manager Starts (via cboot2)
2. Select WAD Manager - Press A
3. Press 1 to Install all WADs - Press A
Be sure all the WADs install without error
4. Press B two times - MMM Main Menu
Warning: Never Uninstall IOS, You Will Brick Your Wii

Install Priiloader (Brick Protection)
1. In MMM Select App Manager - Press A
2. Select Priiloader - Press A
Priiloader Installer will load
3. Read the warning - Press +/A to install
After Priiloader installs, it may give error 106 or freeze - This is normal
4. Hold Reset - Priiloader will load
5. Select System Menu Hacks - Press A
6. Enable Block Disk Updates, Block Online Updates and others if you want
7. Be sure to save
If MMM loads at boot, Select Manage Priiloader, Edit Priiloader Hacks, enable needed hacks
If you don't know what the hack does - you do NOT need it
Your wii should now block Disk Udates and Online Updates

PriiLoader Settings (Optional)
You can set you wii to boot the System Menu, HomeBrew Channel, USB Loader GX or any other app you want. Settings are found in Priiloader, Settings. Set the autoboot and return to what you want.
Example: Set the autoboot and return to installed file, now your wii will autoboot to your USB Loader GX or HBC
Excellent option for those with kids

Install DARKCORP (Optional)
DARKCORP enables backup disks to be loaded from the regular Wii Disk Channel, without using a loader.
Newer Wii's Do Not Support DVD Media, This Will Not Fix This Limitation.
1. Download & Extract to SD Card
2. Install DARKCORP from HBC

Install MIOS Patcher (Optional)
MIOS Patcher enables backup Gamecube disks to be loaded
1. install MIOS Patcher from HBC

Part 3 - Final Step
Format your SD Card
Download & Extract to SD Card

Now you have some apps on your SD Card, Enjoy. Included apps: Homebrew Browser, MPlayer CE, NeoGamma, GC Backup Launcher and USB Loader GX. All apps install to the SD Card, or optionally you can install them to a FAT32 formatted USB device. Apps should be installed like this: SD:\apps\app name\boot.dol otherwise they will NOT work.

Download Homebrew Apps, Emulators and Games

Download Wii Games

Download Gamecube Games

Use WinRar to extract archive files

WBFS Manager (Copy Wii Games to a WBFS Format USB Device)

ImgBurn (Burn Wii or Gamecube Games to DVD-R Disk)
(I recomend Memorex DVD-R or Incremental-Verbatim DVD-R)


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TTG Senior
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im going to try it....
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Fix all your links bro. add spaces to them.
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