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So I have a old white console with the red ring of death. When i power it up nothing turns on but the lights(Not even a sound of the xbox running). But i saw somewhere it could be the power cord. Mine lights up orange. Is it the power cord or the xbox?
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Maybe the power cord not 100% sure I'd do some more research
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Same thing happend to me years ago, I could be wrong but I'm sure it's the power brick, try replacing it then see what happens
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easy diagnoses of problems common with xbox.

Check if your console fans are spinning while the RROD is on if it is.

Check to see if your PSB fan is spinning could be frying itself if not.

Check all of your ports for dust and or bent/majorly damaged connectors.

If any of these are the case it is pretty easy to fix, if it is the console fan likely just came loose or is at the end of its time. If it is the PSB just go through the pain in the ass process of opening it up and blasting a can of dust cleaner throughout the fan spindle same goes for the console if so. disconnect fan power spots and reconnect.

Think of the 360 like a PC in a way. You CAN breadboard a 360. and diagnose that way but don't unless you're comfortable with messing with your console.

if anything try another brick at first, if not that try unplugging all external drives, and or connections to the outer end of your console and see if it fully boots.
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