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So they other day I debadged my car, and failed. There was an outline of the letters still when we got the lettering and glue off, so I then got stronger alcohol and rubbed extra hard, and it started to get some scratches and take off the clear coat. I think there was something in the microfiber towel which caused it to scratch so bad but I got the scratches out to the best of my ability. I am still not really happy with out it looks so I'm looking for suggestions on what to do...

Here are some pictures of each side of the trunk.

My options I can think of are
1) Just leave it
2) Wrap it
3) Plastidip it black
4) Put letters back on (will be harder and may not look at good)

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Might wanna block your plate out bro.

I did the same thing back when. I got an automatic buffer and used that will oil and cleaner and it took it off. It was hard and i had to really press down but it eventually came off. It also depends, is it indented into it or no?
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White spirtits

I will do the trick

You're welcome.
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Wez_h1998 wroteWhite spirtits

I will do the trick

You're welcome.

Maybe for the right side but the left side is wrecked, scratches wont come out I've used a buffer and everything.
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I assume that is where a sticker was, so get some goo-gone or goof off and you'll probably be spending 10-15 mins on it.

If that don't work, then you will hand buff with a LIGHT rubbing compound.
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Look for a 3m adhesive eraser wheel to get it off quick. I used it on my truck and it works great and quick. Where the badges were you may notice the paint color might be off because it may have faded around the badge.
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Maybe replace it with another sticker worst case scenario
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i took some stickers off my mustang and encountered this same problem. Wet sand the area with like 1400 grit sandpaper and then buff it with some rubbing compound. That shold get alot of the scratches out and make it shiny like the rest of the car. Pm ME if you have any questions and i can help you
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