What is the next game you want to see?Posted:

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What is the next game you want to see on xbox? could be a new game for a series or a remaster of a game?

Mine would be Skate 4, or a remaster of MW2 or a remaster of midnight club LA

whats yours?

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Atriox (11-30-2016)
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Absolutely A new midnight club , new modern vehicles with a huge map , different stunts , same characters and a great multiplayer experience with ranks.
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A Conkers Bad Fur Day remastered for the Xbox One, yes there was a remaster already but that was for the Xbox, and the add-on for project spark was not that great in my opinion.. it got pretty boring.
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Definitely would love to see a modern warfare 2 remastered !

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probably MW2 or BO2
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Modern warfare 2 hands down!
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Obviously a remaster of MW2, That would be amazing.

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Remastered Modern Warfare 2 or a new midnight club. Maybe even a newer world at war.
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A new fight night game
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Jet set radio future hd remake/ Jsrf 2
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