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I have been here for a while now and i have never done one of these lol. Anyways my name is "Alex" and I was born on Dec 30th. Reason i started using TTG was because i heard so many friends using it so i gave it a shot. I don't talk to them anymore since we did get in a argument and then yeah we stopped talking. Wanted to keep it short but thanks for reading

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Whats up man nice to meet you.
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Well it's never too late to introduce yourself.

I done seen you around the forums a little bit.

Maybe join the shoutbox sometime, that's where I spend most of my time.

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I have seen you around a couple times, nice to meet you man!
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Welcome to the site fam, of you have any questions let me know!
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I guess welcome to the site!

Not seen you about as of yet.
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Glad to meet you! See you around the forums.
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nice too see you introduced yourself ;)
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Nice to meet you see you around man!
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Welcome man! Stay active and see you around!
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