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Changed my name today, my previous names were Targaryen, Slaver, and a couple more.

Just curious on what color would fit my name the best.

Some facts about my name:
- Demon
- Typically seen as old man who has a hawk on his arm while riding a crocodile.
- Google the name for some pictures

Just trying to see what color fits my name the best

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Rodent_Modz (10-19-2016)
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I would get a avatar of what your name means and use those same colors.
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here make it pink for a good cause
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Maybe a red, black or grey would suit you're username
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EIl wroteMaybe a red, black or grey would suit you're username

would suit you are username??? Seems like you need to take some English lessons.
Anyways, you should use pink as Rodent said. But I think red would look nice.
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Either Pink for breast cancer awareness or if you don't want that, red would probably look good
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I would make it hot pink for breast cancer awareness month
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I love dark blue and also red.
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Id just pick a simple colour if i were you, no crazy bright colour's lol what i done
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