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FINALLY reached 2k news comments just now.

Like to thank all my sponsors, and the man above for keeping me safe.

1k thanks is in 21 thanks... Come on now.

The Following 13 Users Say Thank You to Mickers For This Useful Post:

prodigy (10-20-2016), Respectt (10-18-2016), Electrode (10-18-2016), Extraordinary (10-18-2016), Giga (10-18-2016), dah (10-18-2016), Visxal (10-18-2016), Daniel (10-18-2016), BigBrotherIsWatching (10-18-2016), Mr_Robot (10-18-2016), RepBandit (10-18-2016), Gavin- (10-18-2016), Hurleh (10-18-2016)
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Congrats ya sweat baguette
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18 thanks now grats on 2k news comments , see you at 1k thanks
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Congrats man
I do not know how anybody can earn these badges soooooo time consuming

Keep it up bruh
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Congrats man. I see you got you a purple square now too

Hope you become active again like you used to be
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Must've taken you forever! Congrats on the new badge
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You little spammer...

Congrats on 2k News Comments buddy.

Hope to see you take that 3rd spot back.

See you at 1000 Thanks here very soon.

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congrats, hope to get there someday.
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Congrats on this milestone Mickers, See you at the 1k thanks then in about 3 hours haha.
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