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Title says it all really, just looking for new crosshairs to try out!

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Visxal (10-18-2016)
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Why not just download the crosshair generator map and customize your own?
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Simplest crosshair ever lol
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I'm currently using Maikelele's crosshair. I just switched it from Mantrousse's, which I actually did like a lot. I might switch it back soon.
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I just have a cyan dog in the center of my screen. My SMFC friend uses that so I took it the idea from him. Maybe it will make me as good as him one day...
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I prefer a small crosshair because it is just easier lol
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honestly I play the best using mOE TV's cross hair and i play on 1024-768 then 7/11 or whatever it is but that's all in preference honestly what you have your game settings to affects the crosshair more than people think if you change them it will look 100% different better or worse
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Didn't know you could change the crosshair, thanks for this!
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I am currently using Cajun B's crosshair which can be found in Crashz Crosshair generator map.

If I was you I would find a crosshair and stick to it; dont change something that is where your eyes are 90% of the time.

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