You can have any mediocre super power. What do you Choose?Posted:

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- Fresh breath on demand
- Ability to give your phone a full charge once a day by touch
- Single word telepathy 3 times a day
- Randomly scented fart

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Randomly scented farts lol wtf.

Probably would want to be able to see an image of a certain thing I lost in my head.
Like if I lost my keys I would see a picture in my head of where they exactly are.
Whenever I lose stuff I always wish I was able to do this lol.
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Well, seeing as I always forget my charger all the time so I would have to go with the ability to which I can charge my phone just by touching it
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The ability to finish a bottle of water, so i can get rid of all these half empty water bottles in my room.
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Cat whisperer. Cat actually listens when I tell it to stop.
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How about staying cool without sweating.

That would be a great super power.
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Ethan- wroteHow about staying cool without sweating.

That would be a great super power.

Agreed. I would choose this.
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Be the top poster on TTG with one click.....imagine.

Jokes aside, probably rise your whole body in air without falling. Example: Like Dynamo.
Make a lottery ticket into money, that would be so cool to do.
Stuff like this blows my mind
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I like the scented fart idea you got going on up in there, If i were to go for one it would probably be for me to be able to put the room i am currently in to any temperature.
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I can make any drink cold or hot
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